What is Kanawemahwasowin Kamik?

Kanawemahwasowin Kamik (KKI) is a Neyaskweyahk (Ermineskin) based program for Children and Families. It was established as a community based program to support and advocate for Ermineskin families involved with Child and Family Services. KKI is now housed intwo administrative buildings South of Ermineskin Tech Services on Minde Avenue.

What Does Kanawemahwasowin Kamik do?

KKI currently employs Social Workers who advocate and work with Ermineskin families involved with Child and Family Services. Programming is being developed to provide holistic support to community members to preserve family units, culture and language; as well as to prevent the separation of children from their families. Kanawemahwasowin Kamik provides chances for children in care to return to the community through local events, and working with, supporting, and advocating for families involved with the Child and Family Services system.

How is Kanawemahwasowin Kamik pronounced?

Kanawemahwasowin Kamik